Will Pressure Washing Damage My House?

When people see a pressure washer or hear about it, they automatically imagine the big machine that shoots a powerful stream of water on the pavement. This worries lots of people, rightfully so. The pressure washing machine is powerful enough to rip the paint off certain surfaces and even crack windows. If anyone has shot the water stream and felt how concentrated it is, they will know that it can do damage if put in the hands of an unprofessional worker.

But not getting a pressure cleaning service is even worse. Many people have dirty roofs, moldy and mildewed driveways, plants and weed growing out of their storefronts and sidewalks, and more hazardous liabilities. 

Pressure cleaning, done by the right company, is always going to benefit you. Pressure cleaning not only makes your house, business, or property look cleaner, it also creates a healthier environment. 

5 Ways A Poor Pressure Clean Can Damage Your House

It is actually very difficult to damage someone’s house because of a pressure clean. Cleaners that have been doing it for decades and collected lots of experience will know their pressure cleaning machines and the proper PSI to not damage different surfaces.

1. Water Leak in Your House

When you think of your home, you think of a big house built to last. It has withstood hurricanes, rain, flooding, and more disasters. But our houses were not built to withstand the force of a pressure cleaning machine. That kind of highly pressurized force will damage almost anything, including the exterior of your home. 


2. Water Leak in Your Walls

A pressure cleaning machine can launch water at incredible speeds and forces. Spraying the exterior of your house with this kind of force can put water in places that don’t belong. Places where there is wiring, wood, and insulation. If water gets in between your walls because the job was done in an unprofessional manner, it can cause internal damage, which is harder to access and can cause long-term problems.


3. Siding Damage

Before even going into how poor pressure cleaning in Miami can damage siding, what is siding? Siding is basically an exterior layer on your house to protect your house from the outside elements. Many people make the mistake of believing that their siding is strong enough to withstand the force of a pressure washing machine. Siding, even bricks, are too soft to withstand the force of a poor pressure cleaning job.

4. Window Damage

Windows can withstand lots of force. Lots of houses in Miami can withstand the forces of hurricanes, rainstorms, winds, and even mini tornadoes during a hurricane. But these same windows cannot withstand the force of a pressure washing machine. Why is that? This is because the force that is produced from a pressure wash is concentrated into a tiny stream. It is almost like shooting a water bullet. It will crack the window and shatter it.


5. Paint Damage

Paint is simply an exterior layering of color on your siding, sidewalk, car, or even your roof. If your cleaner doesn’t know what they are doing and uses the wrong pressure setting, they can easily scrape off the paint along with the dirt, mold, and mildew.


Why Should I Still Get Pressure Cleaning Service in Miami?

Pressure cleaning will not actually damage your property.

That is something that only happens with an unprofessional service.

The Picazzo Painting and Pressure Cleaning Group has never let any of our clients down. Our cleaners and painters know the ins and outs of any surface that will have to be cleaned.

Our pressure cleaning machines are of the latest technology and our workers have been pressure washing and painting for decades. From something as simple as a driveway pressure washing service to something as big as cleaning a parking garage or parking lot, our cleaners have done it all. 

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