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can you paint your metal roof?

Can you Paint a Metal Roof? (5 Easy Steps)

One of the biggest perks of a metal roof is how little maintenance they need to last a long time. While that’s a massive perk (that you definitely paid good money for) it also means that you never really get the chance to change the color of the roof with

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How Long Does Oil Paint Take To Dry? (2 Ways to speed it up)

Straight to the point. How long does oil paint take to dry? Oil paint takes much more time to dry than regular latex paints. Latex paint usually takes around 1 hour to finish drying. Oil-based paints usually take around 6-8 hours to dry.  However, the dry time is heavily dependent

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Ponding water on flat roof causing problems

What Causes Ponding Water On Flat Roof?

When people see a pool of water settling on their roof they laugh it off, thinking it’s just normal and harmless. This shouldn’t be the normal reaction, as water ponding can have serious consequences.  Don’t make the mistake of writing off the potential damage that’s being caused here. No matter

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